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Acer Inc. launched a series of netbook computers named Aspire. Photos represent few netbooks from company mentioned before: Aspire One D250, D150, 751h and A150 series. First mini laptop is specially slim, only a inch thin, practical for outdoor use. The second photo stands for lightest and most elegant Acer netbook. Ideal for surfing or multimedia, tasteful design and intended for business or education. Aspire 751h has HD LED-backlit widescreen and 5.1 channel Dolby Headphone sound. Smaller display but high functionality and mobility are based features of the final Acer netbook. It has a web-cam and wireless net connection included, blue and rose pink availability like on netbook photo.

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Portable Sony computers are one of the most stylish netbooks on the today's market. Every VIAO is generally lighter than 1 kilo, in step with new technology and fashionable design, wireless and popular. Equipped with SSD data storage to improve speed and physical damage resistance, LED-backlit screens up to 1600x768 pixels resolution, Motion Eye webcams for best photos. Several netbook photos show deluxe and attractive Sony portables.

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Lenovo has ThinkPad and IdeaPad series. Netbooks on every photo have integrated Atom processors, 10.1" or 12.1" diagonal screen size, WiFi, 3G or Bluetooth wireless Internet connection, installed brand new Windows 7... Touch screen, further USB ports, rotational monitor are additional features. Gyration is displayed on IdeaPad netbook photo in second row of images.

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