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I'll try to make as large as possible gallery of netbook images so anyone who visits this photo blog could pick the best one for his personal needs. Pictures of netbooks are obtained from manufactures sites or individual netbook photos taken by owners. Except of images, in the article below you can inform yourself more about this newfangled gadget. Now let's start from the beginning.

If you think netbooks are just smaller laptops, just as it appears like in every image above, looks deceive- you're not right. For those who are uniformed here is a question and answer: What is actually netbook? Netbook is a subcategory of the laptop, it differs in purpose, size and weight, price, hardware and quite often in the software. In comparison to its big brother, which plays the role of portable personal computer, netbook is suchlike comfortable personal digital assistant (PDA) for wireless surfing. It's function is concentrated just on Internet therefore CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive installed can be hardly found on pictures of this gadget.

colored netbooksInternet can be wirelessly accessed through Ethernet or Wi-Fi (WLAN) technology in recent times so any netbook should have at least few USB connections that can be also used for the keyboard or a mouse besides touchpad. Screen size varies around dimensions of 7.0", 8.9", 10.2" and 12.1 inches while smaller models are as large as developed photo- only 4.8 inches as referent size. Model name is written below any netbook picture. Most common screen resolution is 1024×600 WSVGA display standard and the following one is 800×480 WVGA, Matte, Touch or glossy display. However, 1600x768, 1366x768, 1024x576, 480x324 netbook image screen resolutions can be also easily found in many computer shops. This parameter shows the size and quality of the image on netbook's screen so it's has greater importance than display size. Smaller netbook display with higher resolution contributes to better image rather than vice versa.

Netbooks tend to weight approximately 1 kilo. You surely noticed mini netbook image, that's the lightest netbook which weighs 0.3 kg while heavier ones have above 1,5 kg. Weight is typically depending on the installed hardware. Since they are utilized for portable consumption, the battery or generally power means a lot so hardware components need to work at low energy level. Battery usually lasts 2 to 10 working hours, depending on model- see text next to netbook photo.

Processors such as Intel Atom, Celeron-M and VIA Technologies C7-M spend up to 40% less energy than traditional CPU. Processing speed is around 1 Ghz single or dual core. Processor manufacturer labels can be seen on almost every picture or photo. Applied mobile RAM memory is commonly close to 1 GB, from 128 MB in the weaker netbooks up to 2 GB in powerful. Regular HDD computer data storage is fewer applied inmini netbook recent models of netbook on images because of high energy consumption level and higher dimensions. New solid-state drives (SSD) made of semiconductor materials are fast, economical and silent representatives of new data storage technology.

Operating system should match processor speed and number of cores. Since this device is equipped with weaker CPU as it stands in components description under many pictures, Windows 7 and Vista will wait for wider use. Instead, like on each netbook image, it usually has installed Windows XP or CE, Linux Ubuntu Netbook Remix or Easy Peasy, Google's Android, Mac OS X... One interesting fact that cannot be noticed in the photos: Windows XP was shipped with nearly each notebook a year ago and nowadays Linux has taken one-third of the market.

The netbook market exponentially grows in last couple of years. The 2010 anticipated sales could reach 20% portable PC market share with above than 30 million units sold. The cheapest netbook (image in upper posts) costs 99$ while costlier reach a few hundred dollars price which is still much less than the PC or notebook. People are still attracted to the functionality and economics of this product and it's popularity will surely continue to grow. The idea that comfortable surfing anywhere and anytime needs only a small computer is definitely successful. So far, netbook's only competitor are 3G phones. Thanks for reading, now back to netbook pictures!

red netbook
netbook screen

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