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These netbook images are gathered from Asus, Toshiba and Dell official websites. Image arrangement is 8-6-8 as the manufacturers are sorted: ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Toshiba Corporation, Dell Inc.
You can pick Eee PC T91 with rotational touch screen or Disney netbook designed for children with 8.9-inch display and 5 hours lasting battery. Prices of netbooks vary from 229$ up to 700$ for the most powerful models. The commonly used camera is 1.3 MP just like SSD data storage. The image available here is usually taken from different angles to better see the details such as ergonomic keyboard or webcam. Impressive design and well-known ASUS brand sets their products in an important position in the netbook market.
Toshiba mini notebooks as others have their own advantages and disadvantages. Company launched Satellite laptops and mini notebook series. The good thing is that products, just like on Toshiba netbook image, have touchpad and smaller keyboard buttons which allows fabrication of minor models. Battery with its 9 work hours is endurance record holder among netbooks. Weaknesses are Bluetooth, long startup time (between one and 2 minutes) and currently outdated HDD drives. However, this Japanese netbook can easily compete with others.
The remaining group of images belong to Dell. Popular corporation is well experienced in production of portables. Standard details such as Intel Atom processor, Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux, minimal weight of 1.1kg, Bluetooth, WLAN or WiFi connectivity, high capacity HDD or SSD storage and so on characterize this netbook. Wonderful design examples is seen on netbook image in last picture sample. Dell's products are fore-fronting among others: slimmer than standard netbooks, comfort and suitable for travel. Famous and even equipped with HDMI output. Presented in the last eight images. If you haven't found an image that meets your requirements, see the posts labeled photo and pictures.

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